Education plays a key role in the development of Aruba. On more than 80 schools offers the opportunity for an average of 22,000 students on a daily basis to discover their own potential, to develop and use.

The excellent education system of Aruba, which is organized along similar lines as the system in the Netherlands, provides for education at all levels. The Government finances almost entirely the national education system, except for the private schools, which finance their own activities.

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At present the educational system consists of the following:

Primary Education

In Aruba there are types of primary education.

  • Kindergarten, for children from 4 to 6 years;
  • Basic education for children from 6 to 12 years;
  • Special education is kindergarten and / or primary education for children who need special care.

Seven different school boards offer primary Education in Aruba. As in the rest of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Aruba, the parent is free to choose in terms of education or educational principles believe best fits with the family.

General Secondary Education

In Aruba there are three types of general secondary education.

  • MAVO, (Secondary General Secondary Education) with duration of 4 years.
  • HAVO (Higher General Secondary Education) with duration of 5 years.
  • VWO (Pre-University Education) with duration of 6 years.

After primary school children will continue their development in the General Secondary Vocational Education. They are over 12 years of age. The General Secondary Education prepares students for their future and further study. Four different school boards offer the General Secondary Education.


In Aruba we know two types of general secondary education.

  • EPB, (lower vocational education) with a duration of 4 years or a period of 3 years for the special practical training for students who have difficulty learning from books candidate training.
  • EPI, (secondary vocational) with duration of four years.

After primary education children can go over to lower level education and vocational education, also after the MAVO or EPB to the secondary vocational level 1. It leads students and vocational students for various professions. It combines vocational learning at school with learning in practice. Two different school boards offer vocational education.

Higher Education

Higher education in Aruba offers several courses. Young people with a HAVO, VWO or MBO-diploma may continue into higher education.

The University of Aruba, the second degree courses (MA / MSc) Rights, first degree (BA / BSc) and Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality & Tourism Management Aruba.

The IPA will train students primarily to the teacher for both primary and secondary education in Aruba.

See the List of Schools in Aruba

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