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Legend of Pirates

In the 16th century, the Caribbean was a nest of pirates, who stole gold from the Spanish ships as they were trying to return to Spain.

Tonchi was a fisherman in the waters by Pos Chikito and Balashi, as his father and his grandfather, who was a Caiquetio indian, had done.

Tonchi tells a story of pirates that he recalls his father telling but also had heard it from his grandfather when he was younger. Tonchi recounts of an early time when pirates came to Aruba to bury their gold that they had on-board their ship.

Strangely enough the pirates did not go to Eagle Beach or Palm Beach where there is much more sand and where it is easier to dig, but instead they headed to the Spaans Lagoen area.

The main reason for this was because they needed a location to bury the gold that could be easily marked and identified later. Ideally the location should allow a mark that has a triangular form; it can be a hill, great rocks or boulders and sometimes big trees. When the 3 points of the objects come together in a straight line that was the place where the gold was buried.

So the captain reached the shore in a smaller boat along with one of his assistants. Upon reaching the shore, the captain first searched for the perfect spot, then ordered his assistant to dig the ground deep and wide enough, after which the assistant would place the case or bag of gold inside the hole that had been dug out. Not a moment too soon after the assistant had placed the gold, the captain drew his sword, and beheaded his assistant, throwing his body in the hole along with the gold. The captain then filled up the hole with sand again. This way the captain ensured that only he knows where the gold is buried.

Once back on board he conjured up a story that his assistant escaped before they could bury the gold.

As per Tonchi's story, the captain killed the assistant also so that the treasure has a permanent guardian. Sometimes the guardian ghost would pay a visit at night to a nearby village and would tell a person who is asleep to accompany him to where the gold is. If the person is courageous enough to not run away and decides to follow the ghost, then the guardian of the gold would liberated from his duty.

Tonchi also recounts an interesting story of a man called Perucho. Perucho was also a Caiquetio indian. One night the guardian ghost visited him in his rancho while he was asleep. At first he thought he was having a bad dream, but the visit kept recurring until he was fed up and decided to listen to what the ghost was asking of him. He accompanied the ghost to where his body was buried and told him to dig. Although Perucho couldn't believe he was actually doing this and thought maybe this was the end of his life, he started to dig and soon he discovered a body and a bag. The ghost vanished. Perucho opened the bag and discovered a crown and other golden accessories.

As a thank you, he buried the body in a dignified manner, placing on top of it a crucifix that he had in his rancho. Perucho decided to go back to Venezuela with his newfound treasure, where he died a rich man with a new hacienda and lots animals.

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