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Betico Croes

A young ambitious schoolmaster/politician from the A.V.P. became the leader of a new political party - M.E.P. (Movimiento Electoral di Pueblo). This ambitious young politician emerged as the driving force for the next generation towards the realization of our new "Status Aparte" in the Dutch Kingdom. This was achieved in 1985 and made official as of 1st January 1986. Mr. Gilberto François Croes (better known as "Betico Croes") became the modern "liberator" of the Aruban cause, namely to become an independent partner within the Royal Dutch Kingdom.

Today, Aruba can look back and be thankful that 60 years ago the A.V.P. started off a cause that allows our island, through substantial economic reforms of the P.P.A. and the very persistant struggle of the M.E.P., to be proudly recognized as a highly successful, well-developed and tourism-oriented island economy within the Royal Dutch Kingdom.

Every year on 25th January, Arubans continue to celebrate Betico's birthday, which is a national holiday.

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