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Aruba Carnival Schedule 2024

70th Edition 

Nov 10 Friday TBA The Carnival Gala TBA
Nov 11 Saturday TBA The Official Start of Carnival Season TBA
Nov 11 Saturday TBA 11/11 Carnival Event TBA
Jan 6 Saturday TBA Torch Parade TBA
Jan 07 Sunday TBA Prins & Pancho Election TBA
Jan 10 Wednesday  TBA Inscripcion Festival di Tumba TBA
Jan 12 Friday TBA Children & Youth Tumba, Calypso & Roadmarch TBA
Jan 13 Saturday TBA Children & Youth Queen Election TBA
Jan 14 Sunday TBA Aruba's Carnival Queen & Mrs Carnaval Election  TBA
Jan 19 Friday TBA Jump in Event TBA
Jan 20 Saturday TBA 52nd Tumba Festival TBA
Jan 21 Sunday TBA Parada di Blaas (Balloon Parade) TBA
Jan 24 Wednesday TBA Caya Paden - Champagne Carnival Group TBA
Jan 25 Thursday N/A Dia di Betico N/A
Jan 26 Friday TBA Caiso & Soca Monarch Event TBA
Jan 27 Saturday TBA Children's Parade Noord Noord
Jan 27 Saturday TBA Caiso & Soca Monarch Finals TBA
Jan 28 Sunday TBA Transfer of Command TBA
Jan 28 Sunday TBA Grand Children's Parade Oranjestad Oranjestad
Jan 31 Wednesday TBA North International Sunset Parade TBA
Feb 2 Friday TBA Parada Escolar - Onderbouw TBA
Feb 2 Friday TBA Pre-Jouvert Events TBA
Feb 3 Saturday TBA Jouvert Morning San Nicolas
Feb 3 Saturday TBA Aruba's Grand Lightning Parade Oranjestad
Feb 4 Sunday TBA Grand Children's Parade San Nicolas San Nicolas
Feb 4 Sunday TBA Burning of Momito TBA
Feb 7 Wednesday TBA Parada di Luz San Nicolas San Nicolas
Feb 9 Friday TBA Parada Escolar - Bovenbouw TBA
Feb 10 Saturday TBA Grand Carnival Parade San Nicolas San Nicolas
Feb 11 Sunday TBA Aruba's Grand Carnival Parade Oranjestad
Feb 11 Sunday TBA Burning of Momo TBA
Feb 12 Monday N/A Carnaval Monday


Feb 12 Monday TBA Chill Out Monday at Rodger's Beach


Feb 14 Wednesday N/A Ash Wednesday


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