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Chinese Restaurants


Cuisine Chinese
Clean Description J.H. Yee's Asian Bistro is located at South Beach Center in Palm Beach. Guest can either dine at the hibachi or order from an extensive Asian a la carte menu featuring items such as Tao's Chicken, Peking duck, pan-fried noodles, Mongolian beef and much more.
Street Address Palm Beach 55
City Palm Beach
Cuisine Chinese
Clean Description Kowloon Restaurant is located in downtown Oranjestad and was established in 1975. The restaurant specializes in a great variety of Asian cooking styles such as Szechuan, Honan, Peking and Cantonese. The extensive menu features items such as rice tables, nasi goreng, bami goreng special and much more.
Street Address Emmastraat 11
City Oranjestad
Cuisine Chinese
Clean Description Yami Yami offers a unique and varied menu of Chinese and Japanese cuisine mixed with some local flavors. At this restaurant you can enjoy a delicious meal and have a couple of drinks at their relaxing lounge.
Street Address Bubali 69-C
City Bubali

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