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Aruba Timeshare Rentals

There are a number of time share properties available for rent. Much like a condo or apartment rental property, Aruba vacationers enjoy renting timeshares because of the comfort and space. Timeshares also make good vacation rental properties because of the amenities offered by the resort or hotel, such as a health club, business center, pool and on-site restaurants. Very often one can reach an agreement directly with the timeshare owner to rent their unit for a week or more. When negotiating with owners it is very important always to confirm with the timeshare resort that the member actually owns the unit they are renting and is also in good standing, in other words is up to date with maintenance fee payments for the unit advertised. An email to the member services department of the resort in question is often all it takes for this verification. To get in touch with owners who may be renting their unit, please visit our Aruba Timeshare for rent forums. If you would like to see a list of the different timeshare resorts in Aruba and what they have to offer, please visit our Timeshare page.

Timeshare rental tips

As there are many timeshare accommodations available for rent in Aruba, it might be challenging to find the right property for your vacation. Below you find some tips on how to find the right property for you and things to keep in mind when renting a timeshare.

  • Browse through websites with information about each timeshare property to get an idea of the available properties and resorts.
  • Ask your friends and family for advice. Friends and family who visited specific resorts before are a great resource.
  • Once you find a timeshare rental of your interest contact the owner to request additional information such as:
    • Price
    • Available dates
    • Room type. Smaller families could either rent a studio or one-bedroom apartment, while families of 5 or more would be accommodated better in a two-bedroom apartment.
    • Terms & conditions of the rental
    • Information about the timeshare resort that you may still be missing - as an owner they would know certain specifics
    • Services and amenities included in the rental
    • Details of the owner such as full name and address
      Some of the above information will be necessary to confirm the ownership of the timeshare unit with the member services department of the timeshare resort.
  • Contact the timeshare resort to confirm the ownership of the timeshare unit.
  • After the ownership is verified with the timeshare resort you can contact the owner to sign a rental agreement and make arrangement for payment of the deposit for the timeshare rental.
    It is important to keep in mind that in most cases you will not be able to change or cancel your reservation once the final arrangements are made.

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