Aruba Traffic Rules

In Aruba vehicles drive on the right, and international road signs are used. Foreign & international driver's licenses issued by a member country of the Geneva Convention, are valid. Car speedometers and road signs are in Kilometers.The speed limit in urban areas is 40 km/h, out of town it's 60, unless a higher or lower speed is specifically indicated. Much of Oranjestad's traffic is one-way and at intersections, where there are no road signs, traffic from your right has the right of way.

Be extra careful on wet roads, infrequent rain causes build up of oil and dust causing very slippery conditions. Check your rented vehicle before you drive off. Test the direction indicators, horn, handbrake, lights, wipers, etc. Always check the condition of the tires, and the spare.


Traffic Road signs

 Traffic Road Signs

 Pedestrian crossing

Traffic Road Signs Traffic Road Signs  Priority road and end of priority road
 Traffic Road Signs  Traffic Road Signs  Crossroad with priority and give priority
 Traffic Road Signs  Do not enter
 Traffic Road Signs  Road narrows on both side
 Traffic Road Signs  Traffic Road Signs  No overtaking and end of no overtaking zone
 Traffic Road Signs  No right turn


Download the Aruba driving guide including main road signs used here PDF Format 2.28Mb