Taxis and Limos

It is not customary in Aruba to hail cabs off the street by raising one's hand. In general one would phone for a taxi. Hotels, restaurants and stores are well-known to taxi-drivers so pickup from one of these designated spots is no problem at all.

Taxi Services and Rates

The dispatch office is located at Pos Abou 41 behind the Eagle Bowling Palace on the Sasaki road. Phone +297 582 2116 or +297 582 2010. Fax +297 583 6988
Taxis in Aruba do not have meters since rates are based on destination rather than mileage and are set by the Aruba Department of Public Traffic as follows:

Taxi fare rates* per trip

Download the new fare and regulations

All prices are per taxi not per person. (maximum five passengers allowed).
On official holidays and after midnight an additional charge to the regular rate is applicable.

Minimum fare $6
Hired hour rate $45

Limousine Services

Super Limo

Super Limo

Washington 94, Noord
+297 586 8765
+297 586 8854


Other Limousine Service:

Wix Limo Service

* Rates are subject to change