Vacation Condo-Apartment Rentals in Aruba

Many travelers to Aruba prefer vacation apartments as rentals over a resort or hotel because of size, convenience, and the at-home atmosphere. Whether you stay for one week or three months, there are variety of options for a condo-apartment rental in Aruba.

Location of Aruba Vacation Apartments

Rentals are available across the island including spots near Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, Noord, downtown Oranjestad, and towards San Nicolas. Choose among a studio, one-bedroom, or a two-bedroom condo-apartment rental that includes a kitchen, complete apartment furnishings, and a comfortable community feeling among the other residents-both vacationers and Aruba locals.

Benefits of a Condo-Apartment Rental in Aruba

The benefits of a condo-apartment rental in Aruba abound. Depending on the apartment, you may have free internet access, daily housekeeping services, breakfast, a quiet pool away from the busy hotel crowds, outdoor dining facilities like a barbecue and patio seating, among many other amenities.

Unlike staying at a resort or hotel, when you sign up for a condo-apartment rental in Aruba you will not be required to eat all of your meals in restaurants. There are a number of grocery stores in Aruba that offer a variety of foods and are easy to access, which allows you to cook your own meal where you are staying.

While staying at a vacation apartment you will have access to all the same Aruba activities as a guest at any hotel. Arranging tours or activities is easy to do through one of Aruba's many travel groups found on the beaches and near many tourist locations. Additionally, all of Aruba's beaches are public, which means you can rest on the white, sandy beaches and snorkel in some of the clearest waters in the Caribbean for no charge or inconvenience.

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